Monarch Dunes Academy

Jim Delaby, PGA Director of Instruction




Prior to coming to the Central Coast, Jim, a two time PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year and Fitter of the Year, was the Head Golf and Teaching Professional at La Purisma Golf Course from 1990 to 1996. From 1996 to 2000, Jim acted as Director of Instruction for the Teacher Certification Program at the Professional Golfers Career College. He then ran the Cypress Ridge Golf Academy from 2000-2006.  With the help of Avila and Blacklake Golf Courses from 2006 to 2009, Jim co-created and ran the popular Golf C.A.R.E. Program.  And has been involved in developing and then running the Monarch Dunes Golf Academy ever since then. Not only does Jim work with all levels of golfers from juniors to seniors, and beginners to advanced, he also has been involved in helping many other golf teachers’ hone in their skills. His seminars for golf teachers include Club Fitting, Wally Armstrong Certification, and teaching and certifying instructors for The LEARN GOLF! Program held at Monarch Dunes.

Jim:  805.478.5723


Rory Doll



Since graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2014, Rory Doll has committed himself to pursuing a professional playing career while simultaneously working to inspire excellence in his students. Rory Doll is a young decorated professional who is certified in biomechanics of the golf swing and a certified Titleist club fitter. He has studied the golf swing and the mental side of golf under some of golf’s top instructors. In 2014, Rory qualified for the sectional stage of the U.S. Open where he competed against top players in the world and defeating notables such as David Duval and Ben Crane among others. Rory was a 2014 NCAA All-American and 2-time NCAA All-Region. In 2014 Rory was also recognized as the Hauff-Mid America Player of the Year. In his 4 years as a collegiate golfer, Rory set 7 school records. Rory was also a 4-time First Team All-Conference selection while earning over 10 GPAC Player of the Week Honors.

Rory:   805.748.4094


Dave Schimandle

Dave Schimandle began repairing and building custom clubs in 1975 shortly before turning professional in 1976. After three years of playing professionally, Dave focused his golf career toward teaching, club fitting, and repair. Since then, club making has evolved from steel shafts and wooden heads to high tech materials such as high modulus graphite and titanium while club fitting and teaching now utilize launch monitors to eliminate guesswork. These new technologies have enabled Dave to become a SOPHISTICATED CLUB FITTER AND INSTRUCTOR. Even though Dave has studied and broken down the mechanics of the golf swing into all of its nuances and pieces/parts, he doesn't like to teach them. He feels the golf swing is currently being over-taught, leading many players to "paralysis through analysis". Whether teaching beginners or touring pros, Dave's lessons primarily consist of the basics of the golf swing. Dave likes to say, "Little changes make big things happen”. Having stayed up to date with the evolution of equipment, playability factors of the equipment, and swing theories, Dave has become an expert CLUB FITTER and INSTRUCTOR. Dave feels a competent club fitter must understand the dynamics of the golf swing, and a good instructor must have a working knowledge of the equipment used. Dave has the combination of almost forty years of knowledge, the finest components available, and uses up-to-date technology such as the Flight Scope launch monitor to improve your golf experience.

Dave: 805-598-9993




Tip of the Month:

Range to Course Formula for the C.A.N.

Are continually hitting it great on the range but cannot do the same on the golf course?  Or you start out day with a great warm-up but cannot seem to get past the first tee jitters?

This is a very common issue, not only amongst amateurs but professionals as well, depending on the amount of pressure.  And it is about pressure.   Here’s why it happens.  Its due to the big three:  the C.A.N. of Cortisol, Adrenaline, , and Norepinephrine HAS BEEN RELEASED in you.  Great article on this subject at  

So the practice range is usually a no pressure environment.  There are no penalties for mishitting, no penalties for going out of bounds, no risk for hitting into bunkers, there are no tress (usually), nor any consequence for hitting over greens.  Your breathing rate is probably anywhere from 60 to 80 b.p.m.’s.  However, as you approach the first tee, using the latest wrist heart monitor, you will see how b.p.m.’s increase dramatically.   

To overcome this, practice like the pro’s do by slowing your breathing down the closer you get to the first tee.  One technique is to breath in a count of two, hold for two, and then breath out a count of 2, and hold for two all the way through the first hole.  Experiment between 2-4 counts.  And make this a habit because,  generally speaking; No one gets by the C.A.N.


Special: $199

Time for a TUNE-UP?

Just like your car you need to periodically tune your game up.  There are 3 specific things you should do periodically:

1st:  Check your grips, are they oxidizing? Are they slipping? Are they wearing out in certain spots? Then, go ahead and wash them with water, soft brush and a towel.  If they still show any of these signs get them regripped ASAP.  This special includes a golf equipment inspection, includes one FREE re-gripping (Re-gripping not to exceed $15 total value).  The inspection includes: Are the grips the right size and right material for you? Are the clubs the right length and lie angles?  Are the shafts the right flex? Is the set make up fit your game style? 

2nd:  Check your golf body.  Have our golf rehab specialist do a golf swing “Strength and Flexibility Assessment”.   Key golf positions that allow you to hit it farther and straighter can only be fully accomplished with proper golf biomechanics due to current strength and flexibility.  

3rd:  Check the key golf swing mechanics with a video taping and full game assessment.  Assessment includes a one hole on course evaluation, short game and full swing assessments from putting to bunker to driver.  You would be very surprised at how often the root problem for your driver swing starts at the putting stroke.  Then we will design a course of action for the findings.

So before the Fall starts get a TUNE-UP from our Academy.  $199 (offer has a value of $400)

Club Repair: 

Please call Dave Schimandle, our club repair, club maker, club fitting specialist Dave Schimandle at 805-598-9993. Dave is also a member of our teaching staff.

The First Tee Youth Summer Program:

Fun for the Kids ages 7 to 17…

Please contact our TTFCC Coach Darren Avrit at (805) 801-2828 or email him , you can also go online to to sign up for Programming at Monarch Dunes.