Monarch Dunes Academy

Jim Delaby, PGA Director of Instruction




Prior to coming to the Central Coast, Jim, a two time PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year and Fitter of the Year, was the Head Golf and Teaching Professional at La Purisma Golf Course from 1990 to 1996. From 1996 to 2000, Jim acted as Director of Instruction for the Teacher Certification Program at the Professional Golfers Career College. He then ran the Cypress Ridge Golf Academy from 2000-2006.  With the help of Avila and Blacklake Golf Courses from 2006 to 2009, Jim co-created and ran the popular Golf C.A.R.E. Program.  And has been involved in developing and then running the Monarch Dunes Golf Academy ever since then. Not only does Jim work with all levels of golfers from juniors to seniors, and beginners to advanced, he also has been involved in helping many other golf teachers’ hone in their skills. His seminars for golf teachers include Club Fitting, Wally Armstrong Certification, and teaching and certifying instructors for The LEARN GOLF! Program held at Monarch Dunes.

Jim:  805.478.5723


Rory Doll



Since graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2014, Rory Doll has committed himself to pursuing a professional playing career while simultaneously working to inspire excellence in his students. Rory Doll is a young decorated professional who is certified in biomechanics of the golf swing and a certified Titleist club fitter. He has studied the golf swing and the mental side of golf under some of golf’s top instructors. In 2014, Rory qualified for the sectional stage of the U.S. Open where he competed against top players in the world and defeating notables such as David Duval and Ben Crane among others. Rory was a 2014 NCAA All-American and 2-time NCAA All-Region. In 2014 Rory was also recognized as the Hauff-Mid America Player of the Year. In his 4 years as a collegiate golfer, Rory set 7 school records. Rory was also a 4-time First Team All-Conference selection while earning over 10 GPAC Player of the Week Honors.

Rory:   805.748.4094


Dave Schimandle

Dave Schimandle began repairing and building custom clubs in 1975 shortly before turning professional in 1976. After three years of playing professionally, Dave focused his golf career toward teaching, club fitting, and repair. Since then, club making has evolved from steel shafts and wooden heads to high tech materials such as high modulus graphite and titanium while club fitting and teaching now utilize launch monitors to eliminate guesswork. These new technologies have enabled Dave to become a SOPHISTICATED CLUB FITTER AND INSTRUCTOR. Even though Dave has studied and broken down the mechanics of the golf swing into all of its nuances and pieces/parts, he doesn't like to teach them. He feels the golf swing is currently being over-taught, leading many players to "paralysis through analysis". Whether teaching beginners or touring pros, Dave's lessons primarily consist of the basics of the golf swing. Dave likes to say, "Little changes make big things happen”. Having stayed up to date with the evolution of equipment, playability factors of the equipment, and swing theories, Dave has become an expert CLUB FITTER and INSTRUCTOR. Dave feels a competent club fitter must understand the dynamics of the golf swing, and a good instructor must have a working knowledge of the equipment used. Dave has the combination of almost forty years of knowledge, the finest components available, and uses up-to-date technology such as the Flight Scope launch monitor to improve your golf experience.

Dave: 805-598-9993




This month we are focusing on the following:

LEARN GOLF! Classes, Couples Play Clinics,  Needs, Tip, Lesson Special, Club Repair, Golf Rehab Special, Kids-The First Tee Schedule, and Academy Golf Schools… 

LEARN GOLF! Beginner Classes:

Fun way to LEARN to play GOLF!

Level:                      LEARN GOLF! Level 1 

Who:                       Adult beginner or first year or haven’t played in years

June Dates:             Tuesdays June 13th, 20th, 27th AT 4:30PM TO 5:30pm

Format:                   Each week we will progress through a brief                                                  introduction to playing the game on our world famous                                  beginner golf course, and of the important golf shots,                                  including putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing

Coaches:               Taught by our Academy LEARN GOLF! Coach

Equipment:              All equipment provided, proper golf attire is collard                                       shirts, no cutoffs

Cost:                       $75 for 3 one hour sessions must be paid in advance 

Redo Special:          $50 for those who have taken Level One and want to                                 audit or redo class for LEARN GOLF! Alumni

We Take:                 All major credit cards, cash, and credit cards

Deadline:                 1st 6 paid new players and 1st 6 paid returning                                            LEARN GOLF! alumni

Contact:                  Please call/text Jim DeLaby at 805-478-5723 or email                                him at           


Need used clubs and golf balls!

If anyone has any used golf clubs, used golf balls, and anything used related to golf, We could use to build up supplies for our beginner golf program at Monarch Dunes, for this summer...Please call/text Jim DeLaby at 805-478-5723 or email him at


Tip of the Month:

One of the hardest fundamentals to learn is wrist cock or not allowing the wrists to move on short shots.  Try this instant practice feedback training I designed for our LEARN GOLFERS = With your jacket or sweater on take the sleeve of the target arm (arm closest to target is left one for a rt handed), and put over the end of the club. It should also go over target hand as well as the club.  Use this with any short game practice shot and any long game swing to get instant feedback.  (Note: the rules of golf will not allow you to do this in an official tournament)... There are really good training aids you can buy that do the same thing...  On your full swings you will get interesting feedback during the backswing when the cocking of the club occurs...

Lesson Special:

 $165 for 4 half hour private lessons (a $300 value). 

Club Repair: 

Please call Dave Schimandle, our club repair, club maker, club fitting specialist Dave Schimandle at 805-598-9993. Dave is also a member of our teaching staff.

The First Tee Youth Summer Program:

Fun for the Kids ages 7 to 17…

Please contact our TTFCC Coach Darren Avrit at (805) 801-2828 or email him , you can also go online to to sign up for Programming at Monarch Dunes.


Academy Golf Schools:

Immerse yourself in instruction!…

Days:                       1/2 Day, 1 day, 2 and 3 days available

Hours:                     3 hour for 1/2 day, and 5 hour for each full day

How:                       All schools are custom fit

Coaching:               Taught by our Academy Golf Teachers

Cost:                        Please call/text Jim DeLaby at 805-478-5723 or email                                 him at for more information 

Equipment:              We have all necessary equipment

Including:                 We can custom fit all schools for any instruction                                            including, video, short game, club fitting, on course                                      play lessons, trouble shots, bunkers, mental side,                                        and play time after sessions done each day…