Monarch Dunes' former superintendent, Tom Elliott, has modified Pascuzzo and Pate's award winning Challenge Course to cater towards a player development series in attempt to grow the game of golf. Our LEARN GOLF! program will turn the beginner golfer into the golf lover. From on-course alterations to step-by-step instructions, there are no excuses we haven’t solved. The golf industry can grow one beginner at a time, starting at the roots of golf, with the help of our “Golf from A-Z” mentality.

Don't believe us?
Read some of the articles written about the program by these nationally acclaimed magazines:


Modified Challenge Course:
4 sets of tees: 30 foot beginner tees
2 cups per green: larger cup for beginners
(green/white checkered flag)
Mini green flags and arrows to assist with golf course navigation
Shallow sand bunkers

Color tee program:
Step by step DO IT YOURSELF program
Personalized scorecards
Provided equipment: clubs and balls
Golf rules
Proper golf etiquette
Golf terms


Learn a lifetime sport
Outdoor exercise
Business outings
Charity tournaments
Meet new people
Only 2 hours


View our cheat sheet below. See how easy it is?!
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Key words: "I'm a beginner"

Tried It. Liked It. Want More!

Extended instructions for the colored tee program below

Detailed version of the GREEN TEES

Detailed version of the YELLOW TEES

Detailed version of the ORANGE TEES

Detailed version of the BLACK TEES

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