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June 2, 2006

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 5 of 5

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 5 of 5


Reviewed by: chuck k, Shoots in the 80s

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Monarch Dunes

I found this to be a refreshingly different golf course than any of the others in the region. Absolutly fun to play and worthy of a return visit. After walking off of the course I found that I could recall every hole. I can't say that about many other courses that I've played. The course was in terrific shape. The fairways were well developed and very enjoyable to play off of. The greens were firm and fast just like those that I have played in Scotland. Anyone who can't handle playing with some wind better not come here, or Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Sandpiper, or almost any course in Scotland for that matter! Wind and golf have gone hand in hand since the advent of St. Andrews. Having said that, I must also say that there was no wind when I teed off and only a mild breeze on the back nine. The bunkering was interesting around the greens. While some bunkers fronted a portion of the green there was always a clear angle into at least half the green. Great variety among the five par threes. My favorite was the downhill number 11. Great view of the coastal dunes and ocean from the tee. The hole provides you a couple of options on how to attack with either a high approach or a low punch shot. The golf shop service was first rate and the clubhouse food was well above average. Even though they are working out of temporary clubhouse there was a casual comfort there without a lot of pretention that I found appealing. If you are passing through the area I would recommend that you play Monarch Dunes over any of the other course in the region.

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